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And We're Live!

Welcome everyone to The Lucky Clover's website. Talk about a labor of love...this is it. In Michigan it's the beginning of the season for Antique Festivals and Maker's Markets so deciding to build this site now might seem a little crazy. To put that statement into perspective, our 3 car garage is full of my furniture hoard...ahem...projects, a small storage unit also houses some excellent finds and a pole barn at my mother-in-law's may have a half dozen pieces waiting patiently for their glow up. Needless to say my hands and mind are busy all of the time.

Behind the scenes our home is bustling. Jim and I have a 12 year old daughter, "J," and a 1.5 year old Great Dane, Lilah. Our basement is in the midst of being finished and weeds in the flower bed, yes I have those too. Furniture collection aside, I'm a lot like all of you. Good days, bad days, crazy days, everything goes right days and why am I doing this days, I plan to share it all because what I learned during the Covid shutdown was that what I really missed the most was relationships, not just people. I missed finding the things we held in common and our differences and celebrating them both.

The furniture that I recreate and celebrate is my first step in that relationship building. When you choose to add a piece of furniture or any of my well-curated pieces of giftware to your home, you are choosing something that has been loving cared for from purchase (or curb find) until the day you make it your own.

I have been asked why I have such a love of furniture. After a lot of thought I think it is safe to say that I love the story that each piece holds within. Every buffet, nightstand and dresser has belonged to other families and has lived through, if you will, all that it entails; whether family dinners to celebrate an engagement or wedding, mourn a loss or simply tuck a child into bed while reading a story, this furniture has been there for it all. Personally, I love the history that each piece brings to my workshop and it is my deepest desire to honor that while adding a modern spin.

Check back often to see new pieces that I'm working on, to get upcoming show information, make a purchase or simply to read my musings. Once again, thank you for supporting my small business.

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